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About HEAL

About HEAL


To create a justice framework for psychedelic decriminalization, regulation, and healing, using federal policy.


A world in which people have agency in their own healing and have safe, guaranteed access to psychedelics for therapeutic, ceremonial, and personal uses.

A society in which those from BIPOC communities, who face oppression by the state and in civil society, do not fear harassment by police, arrest, prosecution, or incarceration for the use of psychedelics or other psychoactive drugs.

Justice stands at the center of HEAL’s mission and vision. This means psychedelic advancement that

  • Ends the War on Drugs and repairs its harms;
  • Protects the psychedelic movement from extractive and exclusionary business practices and colonization;
  • Promotes collaborative and innovative business models that lift up leaders from BIPOC communities;
  • Serves indigenous and sacred reciprocity;
  • Enshrines a right to cognitive liberty;
  • Establishes statutory and regulatory frameworks that guarantee all people the access to psychedelics necessary to express their right to cognitive liberty;
  • Supports efforts to include psychedelic use within healing justice practices;
  • Elevates the use of psychedelics as a strategy to end physical and mental health disparities; and
  • Fosters open science.